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Merrill Water - Phillip Merrill and Family

Merrill Water – Phillip Merrill and Family

Merrill Water Systems LLC operates as both a water system management company and as Merrill Well Pump Repair and Well Service

Well Service & Repair

Merrill Well Pump Repair and Well Service operated originally as Merrill Well Drilling in Oregon beginning in 1978.

Over the years we have earned the trust of our customers as a reliable, professional well repair company equipped to provide a wide range of technical services that has included water well drilling, pump system design and installation, well inspecting and pump testing, well development, water filtration and treatment and water system management.

Water System Management

It is the objective of our water system management contracts to provide a complete range of services necessary for the effective management of water systems. We can do all of the tasks necessary to manage and operate the system. We work with system owners to assist in regulatory compliance assistance and the operation of the drinking water delivery system. We help monitor the quality of the drinking water in order to provide safe clean drinking water. When problems occur, or decision points arise, we forward our recommendations to the system owners for their consideration and decision.

We work with public water systems to manage all aspects of administration and operations. Water Systems typically need assistance in trying to meet the ever increasing burden of regulations and reporting requirements.