Water System Management Services

Levels of Services:

1. Water Quality Testing – Meeting Sampling and Reporting Requirements for Small Groundwater Systems

  • The scheduling of all required Water Quality Tests
  • The collecting of water samples, delivery of samples to the lab, and the reporting to the State
  • Interpreting the Test Results
  • Identifying and Correcting Significant Deficiencies
  • Shock Chlorination of the Well if needed

2. The Writing or Rewriting of the Oregon State required System Manuals, Plans, and Files which are not current or not in existence.

  • Adhering to Regulatory Requirements & Changes
  • Routine Operations and Maintenance Manual
  • Emergency Response Plan
  • Coliform Sampling Plan
  • Lead and Copper Sampling Plan

3. Well and Pump Preventative Maintenance Program

A monthly analysis of the components of the operating system to determine wear and overall health of the system. The goal is to prolong the life of the system and to be proactive in order to prevent emergency repairs.

  • Replacing Pressure Switches
  • Checking the Control box
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Storage Tank & Pressure Tank
  • Monthly Motor and Pump Wear Analysis
  • Leak Detection, Prevention & Repair
  • Implementing a Source and Wellhead Protection Program

4. System Management Contract

  • Be listed as the Small Water System Operator for the system. Be the Designated Operator in Responsibility Charge(DRC).
  • On call 24 hours a day 365 days a year for questions, technical advice and management of the water system. Be the first contact person when something is wrong with the system.
  • The scheduling of all required Water Quality Tests
  • The collecting of monthly water samples, delivery to the lab, and the Reporting of those results to proper government agencies. Included with a management contract is an unlimited number of trips to the site to take however many samples are necessary to comply with State and Federal standards.
  • Develop and Maintain a Water System Operations & Maintenance Manual.
  • Operate the system in accordance with the Operations and Maintenance Manual.
  • Review and update Coliform Sampling Plan
  • Conduct a Water System Survey
  • Meet Public Notice Requirements & write and distribute the annual Consumer Confidence Report to all consumers of the drinking water.
  • Educate any new maintenance personnel on the operation of the system and best management practices.
  • Provide technical advice on maintenance procedures and the day to day operations of the drinking water system.
  • Provide maintenance personnel with a calendar of maintenance tasks to be performed each month, each quarter, and each year.
  • Provide an assessment of short, medium, and long term maintenance, upgrading, and replacement needs for planning and budgeting purposes.
  • Review and update the Emergency Response Plan yearly.
  • Be on site when the Sanitary Survey is conducted by DHS or County Health officials.
  • Provide Disinfection and Other Water Treatment Methods as needed.
  • Implementing a Cross-Connection Control / Backflow Prevention Program
  • Identify and Resolve Cross-Connections
  • Provide Well and Pump Service and Repair : 20% discount on parts and labor for Contract Customers



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