Merrill Water System Payments 

There are various payment options on this page for services we provide.

For payments made on this website, Processing Fees have been added to the total cost of the service.


We use Secure Payment Processing through Paypal.

 Make a one-time variable amount payment to Merrill Water Systems

Please use this payment method for invoices you have received.

When you click on the button you will be taken to the PayPal website where you can fill in the amount that you have been billed or invoiced. You can make your one-time payment with a Paypal Account or a Credit Card.

One-Time Varible Amount Payment

Bethel Water System Customers

Bethel Water System Customer you can now pay your water bill online. Use either a PayPal account or a Credit Card to pay your bill.

A $3.00 processing fee is added to the monthly payment.